Bring the Gym Home: A Guide to Choosing the Best Weider Home Gym

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Working out at home is a tempting proposition – no crowded gyms, no commute, and no membership fees. But recreating a robust strength training setup requires substantial equipment. That’s where Weider home gyms excel.

For over 5 decades, Weider has designed innovative and versatile home gym systems anchored around resistance training stations. With spaces to perform exercises using your own bodyweight, bands, cables, and free weights, Weider gyms provide a compact yet complete fitness regime.

In this guide, we’ll cover the top 4 best Weider home gyms that span a range of features and budgets. We’ll overview the strengths of each machine, ideal use cases, and what types of training they accommodate. We’ll also discuss key factors in choosing the right Weider home gym for your needs and available space.

Let’s explore how Weider home gym systems can bring comprehensive strength training capabilities to the convenience of your home!

Overview of Weider’s Top Home Gym Machines

Weider manufactures home gyms ranging from basic $200 models to elaborate power stations approaching $1000. Here we’ll focus on 4 of Weider’s highest performing and best-reviewed home gyms ideal for in-home resistance training.

Weider 2980X Home Gym

The Weider 2980X ranks among the brand’s most robust home gym systems engineered for whole-body strength conditioning. Highlights include:

  • 214 lbsof adjustable resistance across exercises
  • 2 weight stacksto enable varied resistance between arms/legs
  • Dual position press armsfor chest and shoulder exercises
  • 2 butterfly stationsto target chest and back
  • Leg developer and high/low pulley stations
  • Weighs around 230 lbswhen fully assembled

From bench pressing to flys, curls, upright rows, squats and more, the 2980X allows strength training for all major muscle groups in a powerhouse home gym package. Expect to invest around $800 given the comprehensive quality.

Weider Pro 6900 Weight System

The Weider Pro 6900 offers commercial-quality construction in a streamlined weight stack home gym. Notable features:

  • Dual weight stacksenabling 215 lbs of resistance
  • Smith machine stationfor squats, presses, and deadlifts
  • Leg press and calf raisecapabilities
  • Lat tower, dual bicep stationand tricep pressdown station
  • Fully enclosed weight stacksfor safety
  • Space-saving 45″ x 49″ footprint

This professional-grade multi-station gym weights around 350 lbs fully assembled but packs commercial capabilities into a $1000 home package. The modular stations promote focused muscle group training.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Home Gym

With a comfortable bench and 50 different exercise options, the Weider Ultimate Body Works gym provides a perfect blend of value and versatility. It offers:

  • 50+ workout variationsfor total body training
  • Adjustable benchwith four positions
  • 210 lbs of resistanceacross a full weight stack
  • Lat tower, butterfly arms, leg developer, and other stations
  • Weighs 143 lbsassembled
  • More affordable under $500

The Ultimate Body Works gym hits a sweet spot for diverse strength training without advanced standalone machines. The adjustable bench also makes it accommodating for different body types and mobility levels.

Weider 210 Home Gym

On the budget end, the Weider 210 still provides a capable foundation for basic home strength training. Key features:

  • Two exercise stationsfor leg and upper body
  • 110 lbs weight stackwith butterfly arms
  • Vertical knee raise stationfor core and leg work
  • Adjustable incline benchfor variety
  • Very compact footprintonce assembled
  • Typically under $300, often on sale

While less elaborate than pricier Weider gyms, the 210 offers surprising capability for its smaller size and lower price. It’s a great starter home gym, taking up minimal space.

How to Choose the Right Weider Home Gym

With an overview of Weider’s top home gym systems, here are the key factors to weigh in choosing the best model for your home and fitness routine:

Available Space

Measure where you plan to use the home gym to ensure sufficient space. Most Weider gyms are around 4 x 5 feet or smaller when assembled but allow a buffer. Tall ceiling clearance is needed too for pulley exercises.

Larger homes can accommodate Weider’s full mega-gyms. Condos may need more compact stations like the 210.

Number of Stations and Exercises

The more stations and accessories like a bench, the more exercise varieties you can perform. Assess the muscle groups and training types you want to target, then match the gym accordingly.

Advanced weightlifters need multiple stations for focused workouts. Casual users need just 1-2 key stations.

Resistance Types

Weider home gyms use adjustable weight stacks, resistance bands, bodyweight, and bars/handles for resistance training. The type and amount of weight accommodates different strength levels.

Factor in your current abilities and strength goals. No need to over-invest in 300+ lbs of weights for beginners! But advanced lifters need heavier resistance capabilities.


The most versatile Weider gyms allow adjusting benches, press arms, pulleys, and components to customize exercises and resistance. This caters to multiple users too.

Fixed stations limit versatility but offer a more tailored workout. Adjustable gyms support progression and varied routines.

Built-in Exercise Guides

Many Weider home gyms feature diagrams of possible moves attached to the equipment for guidance. This helps learn proper form and alternate exercises.

Those new to training benefit most from visible onboard references. But digital guides and apps can supplement too.


Weider home gyms range from $300 for basic models to $1000+ for complete strength training packages with a full bench and accessories.

Determine how much you can reasonably invest while still getting key stations for your preferred training types and muscle groups. Quality comes first when strength training.

Safety and Durability

All Weider home gyms meet safety certification standards for home use. Look for sturdy steel tubing construction on frames and weight stacks enclosed in protective shields.

A durable finish prevents rusting and seam construction ensures stability even when lifting heavy. Test build quality if possible.

Answering Common Weider Home Gym Questions

Here we’ll address some frequently asked questions about Weider home gyms:

Are Weider home gyms worth the cost?

For serious strength training at home without paying for gym memberships, yes. Weiders deliver commercial capability for thousands less than professional equipment. Just skip unneeded features to save money.

What is the difference between Weider Pro and Weider Ultimate models?

Weider Pro gyms feature enclosed weight stacks and multi-function stations for hardcore lifting. Ultimate models use open weights but a more adjustable design better for beginners and lighter training.

How much space do you need for a Weider home gym?

Plan at least 6 x 6 feet for more compact Weider stations. 10 x 10 feet allows full extension on exercises and accessory use. Check the assembled dimensions to be sure.

Are Weider home gym workouts effective for building strength?

Absolutely! When used properly with good form, Weider gyms provide the resistance overload needed to build muscle and strength for all major body groups. Results require effort.

What muscle groups can you work out on a Weider home gym station?

Depending on accessories, expect upper body push/pull, arms, shoulders, back, pecs, plus lower body squats, leg press, calf raises, and more. Attach a bench to target core and abs too.

How much weight is typically included?

Entry models have 100 lbs stacks but most Weider home gyms provide 150 to 250+ lbs of resistance with addons possible. Enough for substantial strength gains without going pro!

How difficult are Weider home gyms to assemble?

Most users report 1-3 hours of assembly time reading instructions closely. Have 2 people handy for heavy lifting. All parts and tools should be included to complete.

What warranty coverage do Weider home gyms have?

Weider provides at least 10 years coverage on the steel frame and 2 years on components like pulleys and cables. Weight stack plates may carry just 90 days.

Can you add accessories like a bench to a Weider home gym?

Yes, there are lots of bench and attachment accessories available from Weider. Just ensure your gym has compatible connection points and load capacity for additions.

How durable and stable are Weider home gym constructions?

Weider uses heavy-duty steel on frames plus quality components tested over decades. Stability bars and shields prevent tipping or damage. Weider gyms stand the test of time and intense use.

Our Top Weider Home Gym Recommendation

Given the models overviewed and factors to weigh, we recommend the Weider Pro 6900 as the best overall home gym from Weider’s lineup.

The Pro 6900 stands out for providing:

  • Commercial-quality station construction ready for intense lifting
  • Enclosed weight stacks up to 215 lbs resistance
  • A Smith machine station for squat, bench, and deadlifts
  • Targeted stations for arms, back, shoulders, legs, and more
  • A compact footprint saving space in your home

While a serious investment, the Weider Pro 6900 condenses a professional-level multi-station gym into a $1000 package designed for years of effective strength training. The quality craftsmanship and versatility help justify costs for devoted lifters.

Weider engineers serious strength building capabilities into their gyms. With an adjustable bench added to the Pro 6900, all major muscle groups and fitness levels can be accommodated in a permanent home setup sure to motivate consistent workouts.

Get Pumped About In-Home Training With Weider

A home gym enables working out on your own schedule in total comfort. And Weider gyms provide the diverse resistance training capabilities to build muscle, gain strength, and realize fitness goals right at home.

We hope this guide provides clarity in choosing the ideal Weider home gym system based on your space, budget, and workout needs. Always measure carefully and buy quality supporting years of reliable operation.

Remember to match exercises stations to your preferred training types and muscle groups. And take advantage of adjustability that caters to different body types and strengths.

With your own Weider gym, the fitness center is steps away anytime motivation strikes. Here’s to strength training on your own terms in the personalized convenience of home!


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