Choosing the Perfect eufy Robovac to Automate Floor Cleaning

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Tired of constantly vacuuming floors but don’t have time to deep clean? A robotic vacuum cleaner takes the effort out of maintaining tidy floors. eufy offers a range of smart robovac models packed with the latest navigation, mapping, and convenience features.

But how do you determine the best eufy robovac for your needs and home? With this in-depth buyer’s guide, we’ll compare eufy’s top robovacs, outline key features to look for, provide setup tips, and answer frequently asked questions. Let’s explore what to consider when picking your ideal eufy robotic vacuum.

Key Robovac Features to Compare

While robotic vacuums handle vacuuming automatically, models can differ significantly in their capabilities. Here are some of the main features to compare:

Upright vs Handheld vs Robot Vacuums

Uprights allow manual vacuuming, handhelds are portable for small cleanups, while robots vacuum entirely on their own.

Suction Power

Higher suction measured in pascals (Pa) equals stronger cleaning performance for debris and pet hair. eufy robovacs range from 1500 to 2200 Pa.

Runtime Per Charge

Longer runtimes allow the robovac to clean more square footage on a single charge before auto-returning to the base. Look for 60+ minutes of runtime.

Mapping and Navigation

Advanced mapping lets robovacs methodically navigate and remember floorplans rather than just bumping around randomly.

Automatic Dirt Disposal

Some high-end robovacs automatically empty their own dustbin into a bag in the charging base for weeks of hands-free cleaning.

WiFi Connectivity & App Control

WiFi-enabled robovacs can be controlled and scheduled via smartphone app. This allows remote monitoring.

Voice Assistant Integration

Select eufy robovacs work with Alexa or Google Assistant for handy voice control using AI helpers.

Cleaning Schedules

Schedule specific vacuuming times and set recurring cleaning routines based on your needs.

Cliff & Object Detection Sensors

Downward facing infrared and impact sensors prevent robovacs from falling or colliding with obstacles.

Self-Charging and Docking

Robovacs will automatically return to their charging dock when power is low to juice back up.

Dustbin Capacity

Larger dustbins allow longer cleaning before needing to be manually emptied. Look for 400ml+ capacity.

Noise Level Rating

Quieter robovacs (around 55-65 dB) cause less disruption at home. Noise levels vary across models.

Included Accessories

Look for models that come with useful extras like additional filters, brushes, mops, charging bases, etc.

Step-by-Step Setup of Your eufy Robovac

Setting up an eufy robovac is quick and straightforward:

Step 1: Unbox and Assemble

Remove all parts from packaging. Snap on any brushes, filters, or other attachments.

Step 2: Fully Charge Before First Use

Place the robovac on the charging dock to charge completely which takes around 5 hours.

Step 3: Download the eufy App

Download the eufyHome app (available for iOS and Android) to set up and control the robovac.

Step 4: Connect to WiFi

Follow the in-app instructions to connect your eufy robovac to your home WiFi network for access anywhere.

Step 5: Map Rooms

Let the robovac fully explore your home to build up the floorplan map. Name and divide up rooms.

Step 6: Create Cleaning Schedules

Use the app to schedule cleaning times, areas, and suction levels tailored to your needs.

And that’s it – the robovac is ready start cleaning automatically! Make any adjustments to preferences or settings in the eufyHome app.

Comparing eufy’s Top Robovac Models

Let’s look at how eufy’s most popular robotic vacuum models stack up against each other:

| Model | Suction | Runtime | Mapping | Dirt Disposal | WiFi/App | Alexa | Price |
| BoostIQ 15C MAX | 1500 Pa | 100 min | No | No | Yes | No | $ |
| G30 Edge | 2000 Pa | 100 min | Yes | No | Yes | Yes | $$ |
| G30 Hybrid | 1500 Pa | 150 min | Yes | No | Yes | No | $$ |
| X8 | 2200 Pa | 180 min | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | $$$ |

BoostIQ 15C MAX – This affordable WiFi-connected robovac provides excellent value with strong suction and long battery life. Lacks smart mapping though.

G30 Edge – Step-up features like intelligent navigation, app/voice control, and increased suction make this a great mid-range choice.

G30 Hybrid – Outstanding 150 minute runtime allows the G30 Hybrid to cover more ground per charge. It maps floors and has handy app control.

X8 – eufy’s premium robovac model offers ultra-strong suction with automatic dirt disposal for months of hands-free cleaning. It has full smart connectivity and mapping.

As you can see, advanced technologies like smart navigation and mapping, longer battery life, WiFi-control, and voice activation really improve the convenience and cleaning effectiveness but cost more. Consider which features are most useful.

Frequently Asked Questions About eufy Robovacs

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about eufy robotic vacuum cleaners:

How long do eufy robovacs run on a charge?

Runtimes range from around 100-180 minutes depending on the model. Higher-end robovacs have beefier batteries and optimized power management for longer cleaning times.

Do the robovacs map my home?

Some of the mid-range and premium eufy models use laser navigation and visual SLAM mapping to methodically clean and remember floorplans rather than just bumping around randomly.

Can I use a eufy robovac without the app?

Yes, you don’t need the eufyHome app for basic “set-it-and-forget-it” use. But the app allows remote control, custom cleaning schedules, status updates, and more convenience.

How often do filters need to be replaced?

eufy recommends replacing the filter every 2-3 months depending on use to maintain strong suction. The high-end models with automated dirt disposal reduce the need to change filters as frequently.

What happens if the robovac runs out of battery mid-cleaning?

When the battery runs low, the robovac will automatically stop cleaning and promptly return to the charging base station to recharge, then resume where it left off afterwards.

Can I use a eufy robovac and regular vacuum?

Absolutely. Robovacs are great for daily maintenance cleaning but regular vacuums are still useful for deeper periodic cleaning. Consider it a helpful addition to your cleaning toolkit.

Do eufy robovacs climb over thresholds?

Some of the higher-end eufy models can automatically climb and transition over thresholds up to 2cm high. For others, you’ll need to carry the robovac over raised thresholds.

Investing in a eufy robotic vacuum can save you hours of tedious vacuuming time each week. Use this buyer’s guide to determine the perfect model for your household cleaning needs and budget.


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