Find Your Perfect Match Among the Best Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

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When you hear the name Rainbow, you likely think of top-tier cleaning power and performance. As one of the most trusted vacuum brands on the market for over 80 years, Rainbow vacuums are renowned for their commercial-grade suction capabilities, water filtration, and versatility as complete home cleaning systems.

But with various models and series available, how do you know which Rainbow vacuum is right for your home and lifestyle?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share our recommendations for the top 4 Rainbow vacuums spanning different price points and features. Whether you need a deep cleaning powerhouse for carpets, an efficient hard floor cleaner, or a pet-optimized vacuum, we’ll cover you.

You’ll also learn the key factors to consider when choosing a Rainbow vacuum to match your cleaning needs and budget. From floor types to power levels, attachments to maintenance requirements, we’ll explore it all.

By the end, you’ll know exactly which Rainbow model is the best match for your household so you can enjoy spotless floors for decades to come. Let’s dive in!

Top Pick #1 – Rainbow eSeries – Powerful All-Around Cleaner

The Rainbow eSeries takes our top spot for its balance of exceptional cleaning capabilities and convenience features that make maintenance easy.

This versatile corded electric Rainbow vacuum provides professional-level performance for whole-home cleaning, making it a true workhorse. From deep carpet cleaning to gentle hard floor care, the eSeries tackles it all.

HEPA Air Filtration

The eSeries utilizes proven HEPA air filtration to capture 99.97% of dust and allergens as small as 0.3 microns, cleaning the air as well as your floors.

Adjustable Suction Power

The multi-speed power control lets you adjust suction power from high down to low for delicate tasks like curtains and upholstery. Full power deep cleans carpets impressively.

Complete Set of Onboard Tools

From the power nozzle for carpet cleaning to the bare floor brush for hard surfaces, crevice tools, and upholstery brush, the eSeries provides every tool you need for whole-home cleaning. All accessories are stored neatly on the vacuum.

Excellent Cleaning Performance

Dual counter-rotating brush rolls on the power nozzle attachment groom carpets thoroughly, while the soft microfiber floor brush cleans hard floors gently without scuffing.

Maneuverable and Lightweight

Under 10 pounds, the eSeries glides easily across floors and around furniture. The swiveling power nozzle provides effortless steering around obstacles.

Sanitizing Fragrance Option

The included Freshening Breeze fragrance packet infuses a light sanitizing scent as you clean, leaving your home smelling fresh.

Ideal for Homes with Mostly Carpets

With its exceptional power nozzle for deep cleaning carpets plus onboard tools for hard floors and above-floor areas, the Rainbow eSeries truly shines in homes with a mostly carpeted floor mix.

Of course, no machine is perfect. Here are a few downsides to consider:

  • Higher initial investment than some vacuums
  • Water basin requires occasional cleaning
  • Floor brush needs hair removed from bristles

Taking all factors into account, the Rainbow eSeries stands tall as our Best Overall choice among Rainbow vacuums for its versatile cleaning performance and convenient maintenance features.

Top Pick #2 – Rainbow D4 – Deluxe Deep Cleaning

For even greater power and accessories, step up to the advanced Rainbow D4. Slightly pricier but packed with features, the D4 delivers deluxe performance.

The D4 adds several premium extras onto the eSeries foundation for greater whole-home cleaning effectiveness on carpets and hard floors alike.

Advanced HEPA Filtration

The multi-stage HEPA filtration system catches allergens small as 0.1 microns, filtering the air completely.

Active Odor Control

The exclusive Fresh Air odor control technology actively eliminates pet odors, cigarette smoke, and other lingering smells from your home as you clean.

Quieter Operation

Special sound insulation allows the D4 to clean at high power while emitting less noise pollution for you and your neighbors.

Complete Attachments

Like the eSeries, the D4 includes a motorized power nozzle, bare floor cleaning brush, and assorted detail tools for above-floor cleaning.

Deep Cleans All Flooring

The D4’s power nozzle tackle carpets impressively, while counter-rotating soft brushes on the floor tool clean hard floors gently without damage.

Advanced Water Filtration

The improved water filter incorporates antimicrobial agents to capture and inhibit bacteria growth for added peace of mind.

Ideal for Homes with Carpet and Hard Floors

With enhanced tools specialized for carpets and bare floors, the D4 delivers deluxe cleaning performance perfect for homes with a mix of flooring types. The odor control also helps freshen pet messes.

The D4 does demand a higher price for the upgrades. And the water basin still requires occasional scrubbing. But for deeper, fresher cleaning, it’s a smart investment.

Top Pick #3 – Rainbow SRX – Straight Suction for Mostly Hard Floors

Homes without much carpeting should consider the Rainbow SRX straight suction vacuum. Without a motorized brush roll, this lightweight model focuses on superb cleaning for hard floors.

As a straight suction design, the SRX removes the power nozzle to reduce weight and simplify maintenance. The savings get passed on in a lower price as well.

HEPA Air Filtration

Like all Rainbows, the SRX captures irritants and allergens down to 0.3 microns to filter the air.

Two-Speed Suction Control

The variable suction power ranges from gentle for drapes and upholstery up to deep cleaning for area rugs and bare floors. Less power avoids scuffing delicate surfaces.

Supple Hose and Wand

The flexible hose makes accessing tight spots easy. You can attach various tools to the metal wand for cleaning upholstery, stairs, cars and more.

Pack of Essential Tools

The unit comes with core attachments like the bare floor cleaning brush, crevice tool, and dusting brush for cleaning needs throughout your home.

Extremely Lightweight

Without the power nozzle, the SRX weighs a mere 8 pounds for effortless cleaning sessions without arm strain. Seniors or those with injuries appreciate the light load.

Best Suited for Hard Flooring

With its adjustable suction and floor brush, the SRX excels on tile, laminate, hardwood and other bare flooring. Less ideal for wall-to-wall carpeting.

The lack of a power nozzle does limit carpet cleaning abilities. And the water basin still needs occasional maintenance. But for spotless hard floor cleaning, the Rainbow SRX delivers performance at an accessible price.

Top Pick #4 – Rainbow Pet Vacuum – Tailored for Homes with Pets

Pet owners, this one’s for you! The aptly named Rainbow Pet Vacuum bundles advanced tools for removing pet hair, dander and odors.

From the deep cleaning power nozzle to the High Traffic Pet Pack, this model tackles shedding messes. The enhanced filtration helps freshen the air too.

Advanced HEPA Filtration

A multi-stage HEPA system traps dust, allergens, and dander for cleaner air and floors. Filters are washable and reusable.

Odor Control Technology

The exclusive odor control system uses water flow to suppress and neutralize nasty pet odors that get vacuumed up. That means no lingering smell left behind.

Powerful Pet Hair Cleaning

The direct airflow power nozzle easily pulls up embedded pet hair from carpets, powered by its motorized brush roll.

Upholstery and Stairs Tool

The Pet Power Paw hand tool removes hair from stairs, furniture, and other surfaces with its unique rubber nubs and suction grip. No sticky rollers needed.

Bonus Pet Cleaning Pack

The free High Traffic Pet Pack includes bonus attachments like the Pet Brush tool for removing hair from all surfaces quickly.

Relief for Pet Owners

Between the suction power for embedded hair and advanced HEPA filtration, the Rainbow Pet Vacuum is specially equipped with pet owners’ needs in mind.

The pet-specific accessories do add cost, and maintenance remains. But for the hassle it saves keeping up with shedding fur, it’s worth the investment for pet households.

Key Factors To Consider When Selecting a Rainbow Vacuum

To choose the perfect Rainbow vacuum for your needs and lifestyle, keep these key factors in mind while shopping:

Flooring Types in Your Home

Consider your flooring mix – predominantly carpets? Mostly hard floors? A dual floor home needs a model with attachments for both.

Your Square Footage

Larger homes demand higher suction power to tackle big cleanups. Models like the eSeries and D4 offer maximum airflow for large spaces.

Pets in Your Household

Pet hair and dander require specialized tools like power nozzles and upholstery brushes which are included on the Pet model.

Needed Attachments

Do you only need basic floor cleaning? Or upholstery and stairs tools too? Not all models include the full accessory assortment.

Water Filtration System

Some Rainbow systems like the D4 have enhanced water filters that capture more allergens and prevent bacterial growth.

Suction Power Adjustability

Variable power settings allow softening suction for drapes and cushions while maximizing it for carpets.

Noise Level

Certain Rainbow models like the D4 use sound muffling systems for quieter operation if noise is a concern.

Weight and Ergonomics

Lighter straight suction models weigh under 10 pounds for easy handling. Flexible hoses aid accessing tight areas.

Customer Support Reputation

Rainbow as a brand is known for excellent customer service and durable products that last 20+ years.


Rainbow vacuums are premium investments built to last decades. But refurbished and sales options can provide cost savings.

Test Before You Buy

If possible, try out Rainbow models in person at a store display to assess power, handling, and ease of use before bringing one home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rainbow Vacuums

Here we answer some of the most common questions about Rainbow vacuums to further help you make the right selection:

How are Rainbow vacuums different than other brands?

Rainbow vacuums use water filtration to capture dust and dander, while most brands rely on dry bags or cups. Rainbows also use HEPA air filtration for ultra-clean air quality. The variety of attachments also make Rainbows versatile across floors and above-floor surfaces.

What’s the advantage of water filtration?

Water captures fine particles like allergens, pet dander, and dust far better than a dry filter or bag. Nearly 100% gets trapped in the water basin so almost nothing is recirculated into the air.

How often does the water basin need changed?

It varies based on use, but expect to empty and refresh the water basin after every 1-2 vacuuming sessions, more often for frequent use. It takes seconds to drain and rinse clean.

Do all Rainbow vacuums have a power nozzle?

No. Some Rainbow models like the eSeries and D4 include a power nozzle with a motorized brush roll for deep cleaning carpets. But straight suction models like the SRX don’t have a power nozzle, instead using a bare floor brush.

What’s the best Rainbow vacuum for pet hair?

The aptly named Rainbow Pet model is purpose-built for pet hair cleaning. The power nozzle efficiently grooms carpets while accessories like the Pet Brush excel at removing hair from surfaces all over your home. For maximum hair pickup, the Pet model is paws-down the best choice.

How long do Rainbow vacuums last?

With proper maintenance like changing water and rinsing filters, Rainbow vacuums commonly last 20-30 years (or longer!). The commercial-grade construction makes them built to last decades, much longer than typical vacuums.

Why are Rainbow vacuums more expensive than other brands?

You pay a premium, but get commercial-grade quality in return. The all-metal construction, water filtration system, and motorized tools enable Rainbow vacuums to outperform and outlast most other consumer vacuums. They help recover the higher price over time through decades of reliable use.

Are Rainbow vacuums heavy to use?

No, most are quite lightweight! Models like the eSeries and SRX weigh less than 10 pounds. Even the D4 is only 13 pounds – very manageable for most people to use and carry between rooms. The flexible hose also makes Rainbow vacuums easy to maneuver.

Can Rainbow vacuums be used on all floor types?

Yes, Rainbow vacuums clean all flooring surfaces effectively. The power nozzle (on some models) deep cleans carpets while the bare floor brush safely scrubs hard floors. Turning off the brush rolls adapts them for delicate rugs. Attachments expand cleaning reach throughout the home.

Is there a reusable cloth bag option?

Yes, Rainbow offers an optional reusable dust bag accessory that attaches to collect dry debris before reaching the water basin. This maintains filtration while letting you empty just the bag instead of the whole water tank when full.

What comes with a new Rainbow vacuum?

Standard kits include the vacuum body, power nozzle (some models), bare floor brush, detail tools, fragrance options, owner’s manual, and crucially, a lifetime warranty on the motor. That coverage highlights the trusted durability you get with a Rainbow.

How loud are Rainbow vacuums?

Rainbow vacuums operate very quietly, thanks to sound-dampening insulation around the motor. This reduces disruptive noise, so you can even vacuum while family members are napping nearby.

Do Rainbow vacuums use filter bags?

Most Rainbow vacuums are bagless, instead using the water basin to capture debris. But some optional reusable cloth bags are available to place before the basin, adding an extra filtration layer for extremely fine dust.

Does Rainbow offer financing options?

Yes, Rainbow allows you to finance your vacuum purchase through convenient payment plans from outside lenders to make owning one more affordable. Contact Rainbow for financing details.

Take Your Pick of the Best Rainbow Vacuums

We hope this guide has shown how choosing the right Rainbow vacuum can provide sparkling floors for years when properly matched to your household needs.

While the Rainbow eSeries takes our top overall spot for its carpet and hard floor versatility, the upgraded cleaning and odor control of the D4 also impress.

For predominantly bare floors, the SRX straight suction model provides lightweight effectiveness on a budget. And the Pet edition shines for homes with shedding fur babies.

No matter your flooring type, square footage, or special cleaning needs, Rainbow makes a vacuum that can refresh your home. Contact us if you still have any other Rainbow vacuum questions! Here’s to clean floors and healthy air courtesty of Rainbow.


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