Finding Your Perfect Match: A Complete Guide to Buying a Rainbow Vacuum

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If you’re in the market for a new high-powered, versatile vacuum, Rainbow should be at the top of your list. Rainbow vacuums are cherished for their deep-cleaning water filtration, durable construction, and allergen-trapping HEPA filtration. With proper maintenance, these vacuums can serve households reliably for years.

But with a variety of models and features to consider, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect Rainbow vacuum for your home. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top Rainbow vacuums on the market and provide tips to make your buying decision easier. Let’s dive in!

Reviews of the Best Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Rainbow offers several powerful and customizable vacuum models. Here are our picks for the top vacuums in their lineup:

Rainbow E2 Black Vacuum

The Rainbow E2 Black is a top seller combining proven cleaning technology with user-friendly updates. This versatile machine earns praise for whole-home deep cleaning and allergen removal.

Key Features:

  • HEPA filtration system removes dust mites and allergens
  • Two-speed motor with 10 air watts of power
  • Included tools like a crevice tool, upholstery brush, and fragrance dispenser
  • Enhanced steering and control while cleaning
  • Optional attachments for specialized tasks

Between the adjustable water lift and redesigned nozzle, the E2 Black tackles embedded dirt in carpets with ease. Pet owners love this model for reducing dander and odors. The HEPA filter captures the smallest particles for cleaner indoor air. For those seeking a reliable all-around performer, the E2 Black is a great choice.


  • Powerful suction capabilities
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Easy-to-maneuver design
  • 25-foot power cord for wide cleaning radius


  • Requires more maintenance than bagless vacuums
  • Higher price point than some brands

Price: $3,399

Rainbow eSERIES Black Vacuum

The eSERIES Black features cutting-edge technology for allergy sufferers and pet owners. Rainbow’s Dual Cyclone air power and deeper-cleaning brushes give carpets a spotless refresh.

Key Features:

  • Advanced HEPA filtration removes allergens
  • Electronically controlled variable speed
  • Patented Dual Cyclone technology
    -Specialized pet tools
  • Automatic soap and water mixing

This smart vacuum delivers simple operation yet professional-grade cleaning. Adjust between hard floors and carpets with the electronic speed controls. The Dual Cyclone airflowLeave carpets and rugs immaculate thanks to the deep-cleaning power nozzle. For those needing superior allergen and odor removal, the eSERIES Black is ideal.


  • Excellent variable speed control
  • Advanced filtration system
  • Specialized pet hair/dander removal
  • Good maneuverability


  • Expensive price tag
  • Water basin requires frequent cleaning

Price: $3,699

Rainbow SRX Vacuum

The lightweight and compact Rainbow SRX provides quick, potent cleaning. This bagless cylinder vacuum tackles messes anywhere with ease.

Key Features:

  • Powerful HEPA filtration
  • Easy-to-empty 1.5 liter bagless basin
  • Weighs only 8 pounds for portability
  • Tools for stairs, furniture, crevices
  • Motor-driven power nozzle for carpets

Despite its small size, the SRX delivers professional-grade capabilities. The HEPA filter captures irritants while the included stair tool simplifies cleaning. For quick cleanups in tight spaces, the SRX gets the job done without hassle. The swivel steering provides excellent control while maneuvering.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Easy bagless debris disposal
  • Good for furniture, cars, and spot cleaning


  • Smaller water basin requires frequent emptying
  • Limited cleaning radius

Price: $899

Rainbow e2 (powered by Rexair)

The Rainbow e2 combines proven cleaning technology with contemporary convenience features. This is a great choice for whole-home cleaning with allergy and odor removal.

Key Features:

  • HEPA filtration captures dander and dust
  • Superior water lift for deep carpet cleaning
  • Rubberized grip handle for comfortable use
  • Included tools like power nozzle, brushes, and wand
  • Optional fragrance dispenser

Between the adjustable speed control and quick-change heads, the e2 excels on carpets and hard floors alike. The HEPA filter traps allergens small as 0.3 microns. For powerful everyday cleaning, the Rainbow e2 gets the job done.


  • Good suction power and water lift
  • HEPA filtration for cleaner air
  • Swivel steering for control
  • Long power cord


  • Noiser than some competitors
  • Basin requires frequent emptying

**Price: $2,799 **

From versatile whole-home models to specialized pet vacuums, Rainbow delivers outstanding performers. Keep reading for advice on finding your perfect match.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Rainbow Vacuum

To select the ideal Rainbow for your household, keep these key considerations in mind:

Vacuum Type

Rainbow offers both canister vacuums with a separate power head, and upright vacuums with integrated floor nozzle.

Canisters provide a large cleaning radius, while uprights offer all-in-one convenience. Choose what suits your home size and floorplan best.

Filtration System

All Rainbow vacuums utilize HEPA filtration to trap pollen, dander, bacteria and other irritants. Those with allergies should look for models with advanced or multi-stage HEPA systems.

The included fragrances help neutralize odors, making Rainbows great for pet owners. Choose your preferred aroma!

Power and Suction

Look for Rainbow models with adjustable water lift and air watts to match power to the cleaning task. Variable speed controls allow you to safely clean delicate surfaces too.

Higher power paired with the water basin provides sufficient cleaning strength for embedded dirt and pet hair.


Rainbow vacuums come with a versatile set of included tools like crevice nozzles, upholstery brushes, bare floor squeegees and pet hair tools.

Look for a model with the specialized attachments you’ll need to effectively clean all areas in your home.

Size and Weight

Canister models allow you to detach the power head for easier use on stairs and furnishings. Uprights tend to be bulkier.

Look for swivel steering, extended cords, and small footprints to enhance maneuverability. Lighter weight makes periodic lifting easier.


Rainbow vacuums are built to last decades with proper care. Models like the e2 Black come with a 20 year warranty on the power nozzle motor. This provides excellent peace of mind.

Price and Budget

Expect to invest more upfront for a Rainbow, typically $900 to $3,500. But that higher price brings years of hassle-free performance. Look for bundle deals to maximize value.

By balancing these factors with your needs and priorities, you’ll be able to narrow in on the ideal Rainbow for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rainbow Vacuums

To make your buying decision easier, here are helpful answers to the most common questions about Rainbow vacuums:

How often does the water basin need to be changed?

Ideally, empty and refresh the water basin after each use. Change water more often when vacuuming heavily soiled carpets.

What’s the benefit of water-based filtration?

Water traps fine particles and allergens that slip through standard filters. This provides superb deep cleaning and air purification.

Which models are best for pets?

The eSERIES Black specializes in pet hair removal with features like the Pet Power Paw. But any Rainbow with good suction and attachments will effectively manage pet messes.

Are Rainbow vacuums suitable for carpets?

Yes, Rainbows excel at deep-cleaning carpets and rugs. Adjustable power and automated brush speed allow these vacuums to tackle any flooring.

How noisy are Rainbow vacuums compared to others?

Rainbow vacuums operate at about 68-72 decibels, on par with average vacuums. They are not whisper quiet but won’t distract or disrupt you.

Can Rainbow vacuums be used on hard floors?

Absolutely! The included bare floor cleaning attachment allows Rainbows to clean hardwood, tile, laminate, and more without leaving streaks.

How long do Rainbow vacuums typically last?

With proper maintenance and care, Rainbow vacuums often serve households for 15-20 years. Their durability and serviceability provide exceptional longevity.

What’s the best way to get a deal on a Rainbow vacuum?

Buying a refurbished or previously rented model through Rainbow’s online store saves up to 60% off retail pricing.

Tips for Using Your Rainbow Vacuum

Once you’ve purchased your Rainbow vacuum, here are some top tips to maintain performance and longevity:

  • Empty and rinse the water basin after each use to prevent odor.
  • Wipe down the seals periodically and replace worn seals when needed.
  • Rinse filters often and allow to fully dry before replacing.
  • Use the included fragrance and cleaning solutions to optimize cleaning and smell.
  • Take advantage of included deep-cleaning tools like the Power Nozzle.
  • Adjust the power and brush speed between carpets and hard floors.
  • When storing upright, tip slightly back to keep the brushes raised.
  • Follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual.
  • Register your Rainbow to receive additional fragrance, filters, and parts.

With proper upkeep and care, your Rainbow vacuum will provide many years of superb cleaning and air purification.

Find the Perfect Rainbow Vacuum for Your Household

With powerful suction, versatile tools, and durable construction, Rainbow vacuums are designed to meet all your home’s cleaning needs. Models like the E2 Black, eSERIES Black, and SRX deliver professional-grade capabilities.

This guide provided an in-depth look at Rainbow’s leading vacuums and gave tips for choosing the right model for you. Evaluate your flooring, cleaning needs, and priorities as you shop. Bring home a Rainbow vacuum and enjoy deeper carpet cleaning and fresher indoor air for years to come.


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