Get the Dirt on Kirby Vacuums – Which Model is Right For You?

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If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, you’ve probably come across the Kirby name. Kirby is known for making some of the most powerful, high-quality vacuums around. But with several different models to choose from, how do you know which Kirby is right for your needs and budget?

This guide will cover the top 4 Kirby vacuums – the G10D Lightweight, Avalir 2, Sentria, and Kompact models. We’ll overview the features and pros and cons of each vacuum, as well as which home and cleaning situations each model is best suited for.

We’ll also discuss key factors to consider when choosing a Kirby vacuum, like your flooring type, cleaning habits, noise tolerance, and more. And finally, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about Kirby vacuums.

So whether you’re a first-time Kirby buyer or looking to upgrade your existing model, read on to find the perfect fit for your home!

An Introduction to Kirby Vacuums

The Kirby Company has been manufacturing vacuums for over 100 years, with founder Jim Kirby patenting his first vacuum cleaner all the way back in 1906! Since then, Kirby has continued improving and innovating their vacuum technology while retaining that classic metal Kirby look.

All Kirby vacuums are made in the USA at their factory in Cleveland, Ohio. The company is known for their extremely powerful suction and high-quality materials. Kirby vacuums are built to last, with many owners reporting they’ve had their Kirbys for 10-15 years or longer with proper maintenance.

However, this durability and superior performance does come at a cost – Kirby vacuums are sold via independent distributors and tend to be pricier than average. But fans of the brand believe Kirby’s cleaning power and longevity are worth the investment.

Now let’s take a look at the top 4 Kirby vacuum models and what sets them apart.

The 4 Best Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

G10D Lightweight Upright Vacuum

The G10D Lightweight lives up to its name, weighing just 12.3 pounds versus the 20+ pounds of other full-sized Kirby models.

Some key features and specs of the G10D Lightweight:

  • HEPA filtration system– Traps 99.97% of dust and allergens
  • Brush roll with motor-driven powerfor deep carpet cleaning
  • Tools include crevice nozzle, upholstery brush, and carpet shampooer
  • 6 level height adjustmentfor various floor types
  • 50 foot cordfor wide cleaning reach


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Powerful suction for whole home cleaning
  • HEPA filtration ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Various attachments for versatile cleaning
  • Less noise than other Kirby models


  • Most expensive Kirby model
  • Needs more frequent bag changes due to smaller bag size

The G10D Lightweight is ideal for quick pick-ups around the house, apartments, cleaning carpets, and any situation where having an ultra-light vacuum is beneficial. Pet owners will appreciate the HEPA filtration to capture pet dander too. Just keep in mind the smaller bag needs changing more often.

Avalir 2 Upright Vacuum

The Avalir 2 is Kirby’s flagship whole-home cleaning model built for deep, thorough carpet and floor cleaning.

Key specs and features of the Avalir 2:

  • Detachable canisterfor portable cleaning
  • 12 inch widened cleaning path
  • Spinning brush rolldeep cleans carpeting
  • Tools like crevice nozzle, upholstery brush, and pet brush
  • Advanced multi-surface cleaning modes


  • Excellent for whole-home deep cleaning on carpets
  • Detachable canister for stairs, curtains, upholstery
  • Advanced cleaning modes for various floor types
  • Large capacity bag means fewer changes needed


  • Heavy at over 26 pounds
  • Expensive disposable bags

With its advanced floor-sensing features, extra-large bag, and detachable canister, the Avalir 2 is ideal for large homes with lots of carpeting. It tackles embedded dirt in carpets and easily adapts to hard floors. Just be prepared for the hefty weight.

Sentria Upright Vacuum

The Sentria delivers strong Kirby cleaning at a more budget-friendly price point.

Key features and specs:

  • Life drive brush rollercleans carpets effectively
  • Tools like crevice nozzle, upholstery tool, and combo brush
  • Standard filtration system
  • Bag full indicator light
  • 7-setting height adjustment


  • Most affordable Kirby vacuum
  • Reliable cleaning performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long 20 foot power cord


  • Fewer attachments than other models
  • Not as advanced as newer Kirby vacuums

For buyers looking for that signature Kirby power on a budget, the Sentria is a great option. It provides great bang for your buck with its lifetime warranty and lower price tag. Just note it comes with fewer bells and whistles than pricier Kirby models. Still an excellent choice for whole home cleaning.

Kompact Upright Vacuum

As the name implies, the Kompact delivers powerful Kirby cleaning in a smaller, compact size.

Key features and specs:

  • Ultra compact sizeat just 9 pounds
  • 4 position handleadjusts for storage
  • Includes combo brush, crevice tool, and upholstery nozzle
  • 20 foot cord


  • Extremely lightweight and maneuverable
  • Folds away for storage
  • Good for stairs, vehicles, and quick cleanups
  • Affordable price for a Kirby


  • Loud operation
  • Smaller 1.3 gallon bag means frequent emptying
  • Fewer features than full-size Kirby models

The Kompact is the ideal Kirby for tight spaces like apartments or for users with limited mobility and difficulty lifting traditional vacuums. The bag is quite small, so it’s best for quick cleanups or as a secondary vacuum rather than whole home cleaning.

How to Choose the Right Kirby Vacuum

Now that you’re familiar with the top Kirby vacuum models, let’s go over some key factors to keep in mind when selecting the best Kirby for your home and cleaning needs:

Consider your home size and flooring surfaces. Kirby vacuums are known for their carpet cleaning abilities. So if you have mostly carpet, focus on models like the Avalir 2 or Sentria with specialized brush rolls, lifting suction, and height adjustments. For mainly bare floors, you may not need as advanced flooring settings.

Factor in your budget. While all Kirby vacuums carry a higher price tag than average, there is still quite a range. The Avalir 2 and G10D Lightweight are the most expensive options, while the Sentria and Kompact offer more affordable prices for a Kirby.

Decide if you prefer an upright or canister style. Kirby is best known for their upright vacuums, but they offer the Avalir 2 canister option too. Canisters are great for accessing stairs, curtains, ceiling corners, and furniture. Evaluate your cleaning style to choose upright or canister.

Consider bagged vs bagless. All Kirby vacuums use bags to collect debris. Bags provide excellent filtration but do add an ongoing cost. Make sure you don’t mind changing vacuum bags periodically.

Compare filtration systems. Multiple Kirby models include HEPA filtration like the G10D Lightweight. This is ideal if you suffer from allergies. Other Kirby vacuums use standard filtration to trap most dust and debris.

Look at attachments. While all Kirby vacuums come with a few basic attachments, you can purchase additional ones separately. Consider which add-ons like a pet brush or extended crevice tool would be useful.

Check ease of use. Kirby vacuums tend to be heavy. The G10D Lightweight only weighs 12 pounds, but others are 20+ pounds. Pick a lighter model if you’ll struggle lifting a heavy vacuum.

Consider noise level. Kirby vacuums tend to be louder than average. The Kompact is quite loud, while the G10D operates more quietly. Keep in mind apartment dwellers with noise concerns.

Read customer reviews. Check what existing Kirby vacuum owners have to say about a particular model’s performance, longevity, ease of use, and more. Real user feedback is invaluable.

Compare warranties. All new Kirby vacuums come with a lifetime warranty on the aluminum body, 5 years on parts, and 1 year on labor. Warranty ensures your investment.

By keeping these factors and your needs in mind, you’re sure to select the perfect Kirby vacuum for your home! Still have questions? Keep reading.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kirby Vacuums

Here we’ll address some of the most common questions about Kirby vacuums.

Are Kirby vacuums really worth the higher cost?

Kirby vacuums do carry a higher price tag, but most owners strongly believe the investment is worthwhile. You’re paying for extremely powerful suction, quality American-made materials built to last decades, and excellent cleaning performance on carpets and floors. For many buyers, the outstanding durability, cleaning results, included warranty, and maintenance service justify the premium cost of a Kirby.

How often do the filters need changed or rinsed?

For foam pad filters, Kirby recommends rinsing them monthly or more often if heavily soiled. HEPA filters should be replaced once a year. Bags require changing when full or when suction power decreases – frequency depends on your usage but expect to change them at minimum every 1-2 months.

Can Kirby vacuums be repaired?

Definitely! In fact, Kirby is known for their extensive repair and maintenance services. Kirby offers lifetime maintenance at any of their authorized service centers across the USA. Their factories have long-time employees skilled at repairing and restoring Kirby vacuums, no matter the age of the model. Kirby vacuums are built to be repaired and maintained, not disposable.

What’s the best Kirby vacuum for pet hair?

Two great Kirbys for homes with pets are the Avalir 2 and Sentria models. Their powerful brush rolls excel at pulling up stubborn pet hair embedded in carpets and upholstery. An added pet brush tool is also useful for removing pet hair. For the ultimate cat and dog hair cleanup, upgrade to a Kirby with a HEPA filter.

Are Kirby vacuums good for carpets?

Absolutely! Deep carpet cleaning is one of the Kirby’s signature strengths. Features like height adjustment, brush rolls, and strong suction allow Kirby vacuums to extract dirt from even high pile carpets. The Avalir 2 and Sentria offer specialty brush rolls designed specifically for carpet cleaning. Kirby’s also excel at cleaning area rugs.

How loud are Kirby vacuum cleaners?

Kirby vacuums do tend to be louder than average vacuums when in use. But there are some quieter models like the G10D Lightweight, which operates at a lower volume. Some of the more powerful Kirby models can be quite loud when turned to full suction. So noise level is something to consider if you’ll be vacuuming while others are sleeping or you have noise restrictions.

Do Kirby vacuums come with attachments?

Yes, all new Kirby systems include at least a few basic attachments like a crevice tool, upholstery brush, and combo brush. You can purchase additional specialized attachments like pet brushes, extendable wands, hard surface pads, and more from your local distributor. Kirby also offers many optional accessories like bags, deodorizers, and cleaning solutions.

Is there a weight limit or requirement for using a Kirby vacuum?

There is no official weight limit from the manufacturer. However, given that most Kirby vacuums weigh 20+ pounds, a lightweight model like the G10D would likely be the most suitable and comfortable for a user unable to lift heavy objects. Since you’ll need to carry the vac up stairs occasionally, you’ll want to pick a model you can maneuver and lift without strain or injury.

How long can Kirby vacuums last with proper maintenance?

A Kirby vacuum will easily last 10-15 years or longer with regular maintenance. The key is to have your Kirby serviced annually and replace parts like belts and bags as needed. Because Kirby vacuums are repairable and made to last generations, it’s not uncommon for decades old Kirby’s to still be in use with proper upkeep. The durable metal body holds up for many years.

Are there financing options available for Kirby vacuums?

Yes, Kirby offers their own financing plans to help buyers manage the cost of a Kirby system. Plans often have low or no interest with incremental payments over time. Talk to your local distributor about current promotional financing offers on Kirby vacuum purchases. This makes the investment in a Kirby more affordable.

We hope these answers have helped clarify some common Kirby vacuum questions! Please visit the Kirby Company’s website for more details on models, features, attachments, and current promotions.


After reading this extensive guide, you should now have a solid understanding of the best Kirby vacuums available and which model aligns with your cleaning needs.

Key takeaways:

  • Kirby manufactures extremely durable, powerful vacuumsdesigned to deep clean carpets and last for years. This comes at a higher upfront cost, but many users feel it’s worthwhile for the quality.
  • The best Kirby vacuum depends on your house size, flooring, budget, and cleaning style.Evaluate your needs and match them to the vacuum specifications.
  • From the feature-packed Avalir 2 to budget-friendly Sentria, Kirby’s lineup has something for every home.
  • Properly maintaining your Kirbywith regular service, bag and filter changes will ensure it lasts for decades. These machines are built to be repaired and restored.

Ready to experience the legendary cleaning of a Kirby vacuum yourself? Visit Kirby’s website to connect with your local distributor and request a demo. There’s nothing quite like a test drive of these powerful machines. We hope this guide helps you pick the perfect model to keep your home spotless. Happy vacuuming!


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