Get Total Entryway Security with Eufy Video Doorbell Cameras

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Your front door is the gateway to your home. Knowing who is at the door without having to open it provides privacy, security, and convenience. This is the beauty of an integrated video doorbell system like those offered by innovative brand Eufy.

Eufy’s doorbell cameras go far beyond peepholes and loud knockers. With two-way audio, instant smartphone alerts, and sharp HD video, you’ll never miss a visitor or delivery. Read on to learn how to select the best Eufy doorbell camera model for your needs and properly install these useful devices.

Choosing the Right Eufy Doorbell Camera

The first step toward enhanced home entry security is picking the right Eufy doorbell camera for your specific situation. Key factors like resolution, field of view, installation type, and smart detection determine performance and functionality. Let’s dive into the details:

Video Resolution

The image sharpness and detail of your Eufy doorbell camera is determined by its video resolution. Most models capture crisp and clear 1080p high definition footage. Higher end units offer extremely detailed 2K or even 4K ultra HD video.

Higher megapixel resolutions allow identifying visitors more easily. But 1080p HD is sufficient for most homes’ needs and internet connectivity speeds.

Field of View

The doorbell camera’s vertical and horizontal field of view determines how much of the entryway it can cover in each shot. Most Eufy models provide generous 120° to 160° views.

Wider fields of view allow seeing visitors from head to toe as well as packages left nearby your door. Measure your entryway size to ensure the doorbell cam’s coverage meets your needs.

Night Vision

For monitoring your front door 24/7, Eufy doorbell cams automatically enable infrared night vision after dark. The typical night vision range is up to 30 feet, allowing clear black and white imaging.

Look for models with the widest night vision reach to capture visitors and motion even in zero lux conditions. Color night vision on select units provides greater clarity.

Power Source

Eufy offers doorbell cams in both battery-powered wireless models as well as hardwired models that connect directly to your doorbell wiring.

Wireless units install in minutes with no wiring hassle. Hardwired models have continuous power and fewer recharging needs. Choose what fits best with your existing infrastructure.

Now that you’re familiar with the basic specs, let’s overview top Eufy video doorbell models and their standout features:

  • Wireless Doorbell 2K– 2K resolution, head-to-toe view, wireless.
  • Wired 2K Doorbell– Ultra sharp 2K video, wired power, facial recognition.
  • Wi-Fi Doorbell– 1080p video, wide viewing angle, slim design.
  • Wireless Video Doorbell Kit– Pack with wireless doorbell and Wi-Fi eufyCam.
  • Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi Doorbell– Fingerprint unlocking with simultaneous visitor alerts.

Whether you want premium 2K clarity or cost-effective 1080p, facial recognition capabilities, or no-fuss wireless installation, Eufy has the ideal video doorbell for any home.

When installing your Eufy doorbell cam, carefully measure the entryway area and doorframe width to ensure the model you select will provide complete coverage. Proper placement is key for capturing visitors as they approach.

Installing Eufy Doorbell Cameras

The innovative designs of Eufy doorbell cams allow for quick and easy installation. While specific steps differ between wireless and hardwired models, the overall process is straightforward:

For battery-powered wireless doorbells:

  • Fully charge the doorbell before installation using the included cable.
  • Download the Eufy Security app to connect the doorbell camera to wi-fi and your smartphone.
  • Use the included mounting plate, screws, anchors, and drill template to securely attach the doorbell to your entryway wall or overhang.
  • Adjust the position so visitors will be in direct view of the camera lens and microphone.

For existing doorbell wiring powered models:

  • Turn off power to existing doorbell wires at the breaker panel.
  • Connect the Eufy doorbell wires to the front and transformer terminals on your doorbell setup.
  • Affix the base plate tightly over your existing doorbell or nearby using the longer screws.
  • Restore doorbell wiring power once everything is properly connected.

General installation tips:

  • Place the camera around chest level for the best face visibility.
  • Point the camera where you will capture visitors’ faces, not the tops of their heads.
  • Check the live view in the mobile app to ensure ideal positioning.
  • For increased security, enable facial recognition in the app to automatically identify familiar visitors.

Proper aiming during first-time installation prevents needing to reposition your Eufy doorbell cam later. Patience and care pays off with flawless entry monitoring for peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Eufy Doorbell Camera Questions

To wrap up this in-depth look at enhancing front door security with Eufy doorbell cameras, here are answers to common questions:

How difficult is it to install an Eufy doorbell camera on my own?

Eufy doorbell cams are designed for easy DIY installation. But if you lack experience with wiring and electrical work, professional assistance is recommended.

Should I get a 1080p or 2K Eufy doorbell camera?

1080p captures excellent detail. But 2K models offer even sharper imagery to see visitors’ faces clearly. Go with 2K if within your budget.

How long does the rechargeable battery last on Eufy’s wireless video doorbell?

On a single charge, Eufy’s wireless doorbell camera provides 4-6 months of operation depending on usage. Quick charging gets it topped off.

What internet speed do I need for smooth live video streaming?

For crisp performance, Eufy recommends broadband speeds of at least 2 Mbps upload and 2 Mbps download speeds. Faster speeds enhance video quality.

How well do motion detection alerts and notifications on Eufy doorbell cams work?

Using AI technology, Eufy cameras detect people accurately and send near instant alerts to your smartphone when visitors approach.

How much local and cloud video storage do I need for my Eufy doorbell camera?

Eufy doorbell cams record directly to secure local storage, with optional cloud backup for redundancy. Local storage capacities from 16GB up to 256GB are available.

What are the main benefits of a hardwired Eufy video doorbell?

Hardwired Eufy doorbells provide continuous power, so you’ll never miss visitors when your battery runs low. Hardwiring also aids dependable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Can I customize my Eufy doorbell to change the chime noise it makes?

Yes, the Eufy app lets you select from over 20 charming chimes to match your personality. You can also adjust the chime volume.


Adding a smart video doorbell like those in Eufy’s security ecosystem takes home entry monitoring and convenience to the next level. With sharp HD footage, intelligent motion sensing, instant notifications, and sleek design, you’ll gain amazing insight into your front door from anywhere. Use this guide to select the ideal Eufy doorbell camera model based on image quality, power options, and features. Follow the simple installation steps to start enhancing your household’s security in no time.


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