Picking the Perfect eufy Video Doorbell Camera for Your Home

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A video doorbell allows you to see, hear, and speak to anyone at your door right from your smartphone. eufy makes several feature-packed video doorbell cameras that enhance home security and convenience at affordable price points.

But how do you determine the best eufy video doorbell for your needs? This in-depth buyer’s guide will compare top eufy models, outline must-have features, provide installation tips, and answer frequently asked questions. Let’s explore what to look for in picking the ideal eufy video doorbell camera for your home.

Key Features to Evaluate in eufy Video Doorbells

While all eufy video doorbells provide two-way communication and notifications, models can vary significantly in specifications:

Video Resolution and Quality

Look for crisp high definition 1080p or 2K video. Higher resolution provides more detail.

Field of View

The viewing angle determines how much area is captured. eufy doorbell cams offer wide 160° fields of view.

Night Vision

Infrared night vision enables clear video in low light and complete darkness. Longer night vision range is better.

Motion Detection and Activity Zones

Intelligent motion sensing triggers notifications when someone approaches. Define areas in the camera view to monitor.

Two-Way Audio

A built-in mic and speaker allows seamless communication with visitors at your door. Make sure audio is clear.

Smart Alerts

Get customizable notifications when the doorbell button is pressed or motion events occur so you never miss a visitor.

Local Storage vs Cloud Storage

Store recordings locally on the doorbell’s internal memory or on the cloud via subscription for backup.

Power Source

Doorbell cams are powered via existing doorbell wires or built-in rechargeable batteries for wireless flexibility.

Smart Home Integration

Select eufy models work with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for handy voice control.

Weather Resistance

Outdoor video doorbell cams need IP65 or better waterproofing and heat/cold tolerance for full weatherization.

Wireless Connectivity

eufy doorbells connect via 2.4GHz WiFi with optional LTE backup to ensure reliable connectivity.


Consider the size of available space on your wall to ensure proper fit. Measure thickness as well.

Step-by-Step Installation of eufy Video Doorbells

Installing a eufy video doorbell at your entrance is quick and straightforward:

Step 1: Gather the Right Tools

You’ll need a drill, screwdriver, ladder, and appropriate mounting hardware. Make sure you have WiFi coverage in the install location.

Step 2: Pick an Optimal Location

Select a spot near an existing doorbell wire for hardwired models or within wireless range for battery-powered versions. Follow eufy’s mounting guidelines.

Step 3: Remove the Old Doorbell (If Replacing)

Disconnect the two doorbell wires from the old unit before detaching the entire assembly from the wall.

Step 4: Mount and Wire the eufy Doorbell

Attach the mounting bracket securely to the wall using the included screws. Connect the two wires to the terminals on the eufy doorbell.

Step 5: Power On the Device

Engage the power switch or connect the internal rechargeable battery depending on the specific model. The doorbell will power on.

Step 6: Connect to WiFi

In the eufy Security app, add the new device and follow setup instructions to connect your doorbell to your home WiFi network.

Step 7: Complete In-App Setup

Customize settings like motion sensitivity, activity zones, and smart alerts to your preferences in the eufy Security app.

And that’s it! You’ll now get notifications and can access the live video feed whenever your eufy video doorbell detects activity.

Comparing eufy’s Top Video Doorbell Camera Models

Here we’ll stack up eufy’s most popular video doorbell camera models side-by-side:

| Model | Resolution | Night Vision | Power | Storage | Smart Home | Price |
| eufy Security Doorbell | 1080p | 10 ft | Battery | Local | No | $ |
| eufy Security Doorbell 2K | 2K | 10 ft | Battery + Wired | Local + Cloud | Alexa, Google | $$ |
| eufy Security Wired 2K | 2K | 10 ft | Wired | Local + Cloud | Alexa, Google | $$ |
| eufy Security Pro 2K | 2K | 10 ft | Battery + Wired | Local + Cloud | Alexa, Google | $$$ |

eufy Security Doorbell – This affordable 1080p pick is fully wireless and includes local storage. Lacks premium features but provides smart notifications.

eufy Security Doorbell 2K – Step-up to 2K video quality and get both battery or wired power options. Enables WiFi streaming and cloud storage.

eufy Security Wired 2K – As the name suggests, this model is designed for existing wired doorbell setups. Still offers 2K resolution and full connectivity.

eufy Security Pro 2K – eufy’s high-end doorbell camera with best-in-class 2K video. It has dual power options and built-in AI for person detection.

As you can see, eufy provides video doorbell solutions at any price point. Consider wired versus wireless installation and video resolution needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About eufy Video Doorbells

Here are answers to some of the most common eufy video doorbell questions:

Does the doorbell camera record all the time?

No, eufy doorbell cameras only record video clips when the doorbell button is pressed or motion events occur. There is no continuous recording.

Do I need existing doorbell wires to install?

For wired models yes, but eufy’s battery-powered doorbells can be installed wirelessly without any existing wiring.

How long does the rechargeable battery last?

eufy estimates around 6 months of typical usage per full charge. Increased motion events and frequent live views will decrease battery life.

How do I view recorded video clips?

Open the eufy Security app on your smartphone to view, download, or share video recordings stored either locally on the doorbell or in the eufy cloud.

Can I install a eufy doorbell myself?

Yes, eufy doorbells are designed for DIY self-installation. But if you have an existing wired doorbell, consulting an electrician is recommended.

What wireless connectivity does the doorbell use?

eufy doorbell cameras connect to your home WiFi network (2.4GHz). Some models also have LTE as a secondary wireless connection method.

Can I use the doorbell without WiFi?

Limited functionality is possible without WiFi, but you’ll lose video streaming, notifications, and full remote access without a WiFi connection.

Finding the perfect eufy video doorbell comes down to your budget, existing wiring situation, and needed features. Use this guide to pick the ideal doorbell camera for enhanced security.


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