Powerful iLife Robot Vac of 2021 – Greatly reduces the manual effort!

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iLife Robot Vacuum Reviews 2021

iLife has been one of the most leading company in creating some very unique products, one of them being their iLife Robot Vacuum Cleaners. With their robot vacuum cleaner they have redefined the way you look into technology. By integrating some of the most amazing features such as robots that can vacuum and mop both at the same time, dry and wet cleaning feature, floor washing robots that are tough with stains, but go soft and gentle with your floor, robots with multiple cleaning modes, and so much more.

At every point of our life, we wish to stop all our day to day work, and go relax on our bed. But this is not always possible- as maintaining a home, keeping it clean, requires daily mopping, vacuuming and cleaning. But what if, someone else does all that for you, while you relax, or spend your time in something valuable. This could all be possible if you get yourself one of the best iLife vacuum cleaner by Amazon itself. Getting a robot vacuum cleaner will make your life easier, relaxing and free. All you have to do is just pre-program it, set the timer, locations, and power on the vacuum. As soon as you are done with it, the robot vacuum cleaner will do it all by himself. In the below article we have shared some of the most loved iLife Robotic vacuum along with their features and pros and cons.

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ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum
robotic vacuum is the perfect choice for a pet owner to have at home. Pet hair technology of this ILIFE robot vacuum helps to remove pet’s hair and debris while you attend to more important work. It also helps keep allergies away as the low and small profile assure the robot to reach hard places and eliminates dust and other allergens.
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Cleaner than a normal wet mop, W400s will recover the dirty water from the floor and dry within 1 min.
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ILIFE V7S robot Vacuum
If the power is running low, this Smart iLife robot will go back to the charging base and starts it recharge. With this Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner.
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ILIFE V7S robot Vacuum
  • Cleans all floor types
  • Produces very low noise
  • Dual filter
  • Better water tank
  • Anti-drop sensors
  • Easy to use
  • No HEPA filtration
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Like every robot vacuum, the iLife V8S Robotic Mop and vacuum cleaner has a round body that is expected to sneak by furniture and under it. It additionally includes a guard to anticipate harm to the vacuum or, maybe more significantly, the things in your home, on the off chance that it pummels into them.
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iLife V8s Robotic Mop and Vacuum Cleaner
  • Very affordable to buy
  • Has the most number of modes, as compared to the previous two products
  • Can provide powerful cleaning
  • The mopping feature is not up to the mark
  • Can get stuck in some places
  • Does not have option to connect to an application
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iLife A6 Robotic vacuum cleaner
iLIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum comes with a sleek design and has a tempered glass top cover the robot vacuum cleaner’s jet black colour for the body. The iLIFE A6 Vacuum is only 2.8 inches high, allowing it to easily reach under furniture pieces with low bottoms. However, to start cleaning, press the Auto button that you see on top of the ILIFE V6.
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iLife A6 Robotic vacuum cleaner
  • High-performance motor
  • Best scheduling feature
  • Mini room technology
  • Ease of use
  • Navigation needs to be improve
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iLife V5S Robot vacuum cleaner
The iLife V5S Robot vacuum cleaner has a max suction power of 850Pa. iLife best robot vacuum makes use of the 2600 mAh Lithium Ion battery. This allows it to works continuously for up to 2 and half hours. On a single charge, the iLife vacuum can deliver a run time of 140 minutes. However, it is good enough to clean 2000 to 2500 sq. Ft. of your floor space.
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iLife V5S Robot vacuum cleaner
  • 2 in 1 functionality
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • i dropping technology
  • Advanced navigation sensors
  • Dual charging mode
  • Lack of Wifi compatibility
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With regards to control the iLife V5S Pro Robot vacuum doesn’t generally surpass its ancestors, since past models are utilizing a similar engine. It has a maximum suction intensity of 850 Pa which is indistinguishable from its more seasoned sibling and to the iLife X5 robot vacuum cleaner.
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iLife V5s Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner
  • It can mop and vacuum the floor both at the same time
  • One of the most ideal machine for cleaning pet hair
  • Has a very slick design
  • Can perform very noiselessly
  • Mopping feature has some defects
  • Cannot suck all kinds of debris into the dust cup
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iLife A4S Robot vacuum cleaner
The iLife A4s vacuum robot comes with an updated tangle-free bearing system and a mini-room mode. The main cleaning component of this iLife vacuum A4S is the bristle brush. This sweeps up dust and hair from hardwood, carpets, and tiled floors. iLife vacuum also has two rotating side brushes near the front which sweeps dust out of corners and along wall edges.
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iLife A4S Robot vacuum cleaner
  • ong run time
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Mini room feature
  • One of the cheapest robot vacuum
  • Low profile design
  • Lack of virtual wall
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iLife V3S Robotic vacuum cleaner
Auto clean by pressing the mechanical button on the robot or choose from 3 cleaning modes with the remote, auto mode, edge mode & space mode
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iLife V3S Robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Produce very less noise
  • Prevents bumping into things
  • Four cleaning modes
  • Can charge itself automatically
  • Conveniently removes dust under furniture
  • Sometimes the vacuum tends to get trapped

How To Use iLife Robot Cleaner;

Operating the iLife Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Before you start using the iLife vacuum cleaner, make sure that you have checked the areas that are to be cleaned, and removed the unnecessary obstacles around it.
  • Switch on the power button of the robot, and it will start cleaning the area. Sometimes, the robot might move over the same area twice or thrice, in order to make sure that the area is completely clean.
  • In order to replace the side brushes, make sure that you attach them according to the labels indicated as ‘L’ and ‘R’ for left and right brush.
  • If you are scheduling the robot or setting a timer, and have done all the steps correctly, then a ‘beep’ sound will confirm it.
  • Make sure that you keep checking the robot in between, to see that it is not spitting the debris out. In case it does, it means that the iLife robotic vacuum cleaner is full and needs to be emptied.

For Better Performance

  • To get more performance from your iLife robot vacuum cleaner, make sure that it is full charged before every usage.
  • Always empty the dust cup after every use, and replace the high performance filter.
  • The filter is not made to be washed with water. So you have to clean it with cloth.
  • You should place the charging dock next to a wall, and remove any obstacles from a radius of 1 meter around it.

Maintaining Battery Life

  • Make sure that you recharge your robot till full overnight.
  • In case you do not intend to use the robot for a long time, make sure that you have powered off the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • After every use, recharge the robot.
  • Robots operating in low battery power, may damage the entire system.
  • Keep utilizing the robot in a regular manner.

Which iLife robot Vacuum is the best?

Purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner can be a large investment. However, this vacuum robot can reduce your work time. This best robot vacuum cleaner can save wear and tear on your flooring by sucking up dirt that darkens carpet. The robotics can also clear all the particles that can scratch hardwood flooring all on its own. Hence, we should be aware of the important things that we need to look in a robotic vacuum.

Size of your house

When you are planned to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, you need to first consider how large your house is. Some vacuum cleaners are designed for apartments. Therefore these robot vacuums may not have the ability on a single charge to wander around your big house and clean it up. While Other vacuum cleaners can cruise around 2,000 square feet with ease and hence, you need not worry about their battery lives. Your robot vacuum choice will completely depend in large part on the size of your house. Hence, make sure to have your square footage ready. However, you also need to consider the size of the robotic vacuum itself. Because, if you want it to clean up underneath your furniture, should choose a short one. Robot vacuums taller than 4-5 inches, may not be able to get those dust bunnies gathering under your bed or dresser.

Batteries & Charging Stations

All the Robot vacuum cleaners use a battery. Because having a cord would be a total nightmare as it is going under and around chairs and tables. As it runs mainly on all batteries, there is a limit to the usage at runtime and also on lifetime longevity. Battery life translates into how long the robot can run, that means how many floors it can clean on a single charge. If your home is large, a 90-minute charge may be sufficient enough. If you live in a small apartment, 60 minutes is more than enough. Some vacuum robot cleaners have battery saving modes. Moreover, some robotic vacuum cleaners come with a “vacation mode” that requires the battery to be removed when you are not using it for extended periods of time.

Other robots can be programmed to vacuum less frequently and return to its charging base to keep topped up at all times. A robotic vacuum charging station is just that, a place for it to recharge its battery. It should be kept in a cool place and easily accessible for your vacuum to dock the vacuum itself for recharging. If your robot comes with virtual wall accessories, make sure that they are not blocking the path to the charging base. Or else you may find your vacuum robot lifeless in the middle of the floor or under the sofa.

Usage Times

Many robot vacuum cleaners runtime ranges between 30 -100 minutes. Now, some robotic vacuum cleaners can last up to 100 minutes on a single charge. And, hence we expect that to improve in the future as newer technology is developed. The runtime of all vacuum robot cleaners may decrease over time, and the battery may need to be replaced at some point of time. It is a good idea to check out battery replacement options before purchasing the robot vacuum. Moreover, some robotics have expensive batteries and may be difficult to replace without a service technician.


A Robot vacuum cleaner needs to negotiate obstacles without breaking anything. They can either bump into them and change directions or, by more sophisticated technology, as the obstacles do not touch them at all. However, narrow spaces are a major problem for most robot vacuum cleaners. Hence, choose those vacuums that can get in to tighter corners and can go between chair legs are much better.

Moreover, the robot vacuum cleaners have to be emptied regularly and be charged at a place where they park. Most of the cleaners may not find their way back to the station and park themselves. They will just run out of energy and stop. Later, you need to put them back yourself so they can charge. But some of the robot vacuum cleaners can now boast of being able to get back to the charger on their own. Hence, all you have to do is empty the dustbin occasionally.

Dont’ know how to program ilife robot vacuum, As compared mechanical vacuum, most of the programmed robot vacuums utilize the propelled route innovative technology to delineate room into explicit cleaning zones, improving the cleaning proficiency. Guided by the wise route calculation, the robot explores and moves effectively around obstructions, changing its course to clean the rooms all the more completely. You can disregard the robot to carry out the responsibility, no need holding on to change into explicit modes as the robot has a GPS memory about where it has been cleaned or not. Along these lines, even the robot vacuums delay in their mapped cleaning way when they have to revive, the robot vac will come back to the spot it left off to keep cleaning after completely charged from the docking station. Always check for navigation technology, since it is the key feature to look for while buying the Best Ilife Robot Vacuum.

Remote Controls

The first generations of robot vacuum cleaners just worked by placing them down on the floor, and they wandered at free will with no real direction. Later these robotic vacuums are required a remote control to operate. Hence, the user had more control over it. Today, many of the Robovacs have remotes but also can be operated with a mobile phone or a tablet. so, you can put it the vacuum to work from an app on your phone. Once the robot gets charged, it can run for up to 75 minutes.

Depending on your shuttle and the number of stories in your house, you can come home to a freshly vacuumed home. Programming capabilities mean that you can even automate the robot vacuum through your calendar! We definitely think having the option to run your vacuum using your mobile is an ideal for your smart home!


Some people run their robot vacuums when they are not at home. Hence noise may not be an issue for those. While, others, on the other hand, run them at night, so a quiet, pleasant sound is important. Often, the trade-off is between a powerful and a quiet robot, so it is vital to weigh the importance of those two qualities.


The best robot vacuum cleaner should come with a complete set of accessories. Virtual walls are a must if you have a house full of corners and divisions. These virtual walls are also used to limit the access of your robovac to sensitive areas, such as pet rooms, kids dorms, and so on. Additional filters are of course, always welcomed. Moreover, some of the extra tools that come with robot vacuum cleaner are remote controls, extra side brushes, batteries for remote controls, product storage bags, cleaning brushes and so on. UV lighting has gained popularity with some mid-level producers, but you may not find this functionality in top brands. Remote controls are useful IMO, and few even come with their own liquid crystal display.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

A Wi-Fi-empowered robot vacuum can carry more preference for us. Simply introduce a particular application on your perfect cell phone, you can without much of a stretch utilize your cell phone or tablet as a remote control to order the robot. Essentially, you can plan, begin, delay, stop, catch photographs with an implicit camera and even get warnings from the robot vacuum when you are far away from home. All that apart, you can guide the robot to clean the rooms or any accurate spot you need it to clean. The Wi-Fi connectivity is must since it is more convenient for us to use the device with ease.

Scheduling Technology

The vacuum cleaner should have the smart technology of scheduling its routine to start and do its work. On the off chance that despite everything we need to get it to work with a remote controller or a manual push catch, it may not be such a clever aide, that encourages us a ton. With a preset planning capacity, we can set when the robot begins a cleaning work before we leave for office so we can ensure it’s the most helpful cleaning time for our family and pets, it likewise implies the robot can clean self-governing without Wi-Fi association while we are out of the house.

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