Save Space and Keep Items Safe with the Best Vacuum Storage Bags

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Do your closets burst with clutter? Does off-season clothing take over your basement? Are you constantly struggling to squeeze one more thing into your RV?

If you’re tired of jam-packed storage spaces, vacuum storage bags are here to save the day.

Vacuum bags use compression to compact clothing, bedding, and other soft items down to a fraction of their normal size. This lets you reclaim closet space, organize efficiently, and prevent damage from dust and bugs.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share our recommendations for the top 4 vacuum storage bag picks to help you declutter.

We’ll also cover key factors to consider when selecting vacuum bags to match your storage needs – from capacity to construction to ease of use.

By the end, you’ll know which are the best vacuum bags to transform that overstuffed closet into a model of organization. Let’s start compressing!

Top Pick #1: SpaceSaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Our overall top choice is SpaceSaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags. This heavy-duty triple-layer bag provides superior protection along with extreme space savings.

SpaceSaver Premium uses a specialized multi-layer construction that keeps contents safe from moisture, odors, dust mites, and insects thanks to the airtight vacuum compression seal.

Triple Layer Protection

Made from durable polyethylene, nylon, and a moisture-blocking metalized film, these bags are tough enough to prevent rips, punctures, and leaks.

Complete Airtight Seal

Once completely vacuum sealed, no air or moisture can enter or escape. This barrier protects fabrics against dampness, mold, bugs, and dust.

Double Zipper Opening

A double zipper makes reopening the bags quick and easy while still ensuring full closure. The double seal prevents air leaks.

Assorted Sizes

Available in small, medium, large, and jumbo capacities, you can choose the right size bag for items from sweaters up to pillows and comforters.

75% More Compact Storage

Vacuum compression reduces the storage space needed by up to 75% compared to un-compressed fabric folded into boxes.

Ideal for Bulky and Off-Season Items

Perfect for stashing heavy jackets, bedding sets, and other infrequently used items. Keep them safe and out of your way by compressing into SpaceSaver bags.

While premium, SpaceSaver bags are worth it for their extreme durability and compression. Just take care not to overfill bags, and gently reseal after opening.

Top Pick #2: WELLA Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

For similar heavy-duty construction at a lower price point, we recommend WELLA Premium Vacuum Storage Bags.

Made from durable nylon and polyethylene, these vacuum bags provide airtight protection and compression at a more accessible cost.

Triple Layer Material

The puncture-resistant plastic and nylon construction gives durability along with full blockage of moisture, odors, and pests.

One-Way Valve System

The special one-way valves rapidly suck air out of the bags efficiently using just a household vacuum hose.

Included Mini Hand Pump

Each WELLA order includes a hand pump for evacuating air without a vacuum. Just attach to the valve and pump by hand.

Range of Sizes

From travel bags up to jumbo, choose the capacity you need to organize clothes, bedding, and bulkier items.

Stand Upright for Convenience

The firm construction allows WELLA bags to stand upright once sealed. This makes neatly stacking and arranging them in your storage space easier.

Lomo Zip Seal

The Lomo-style zip seal fully closes the bags while allowing easy opening and resealing whenever you need to access contents.

WELLA Vacuum Storage Bags give you serious space savings at a reasonable price point. Just take care when resealing bags to prevent leaks.

Top Pick #3: Z ZELUS Vacuum Storage Bags

For maximum affordability without sacrificing key features, we suggest Z ZELUS Vacuum Storage Bags.

These budget-friendly bags use durable materials and a turbo valve to shrink clothing and bedding down to a compact size for clutter-free storage.

3-Ply Material Blend

The three-layer construction incorporates polyethylene, nylon, and aluminum film for puncture and moisture resistance.

Turbo Air Valve

An advanced one-way turbo valve rapidly evacuates air from the bags in seconds using your household vacuum hose.

Double Zip Seal

The bags fully seal using the zipper closure, and have a rolled edge for added security. Double zippers make reopening easy.

Assorted Bag Sizes

Available in small, medium, large, and jumbo capacities to organize anything from sweaters to comforters.

Stackable Design

The firm, squared-off bag design allows you to stack sealed bags vertically to maximize storage space.

Great for Frequent Travelers

The Z ZELUS bags make packing clothes in a suitcase easier. Compress wardrobe items to save luggage space.

For shoppers on a budget, Z ZELUS Vacuum Storage Bags get the job done compressing items without breaking the bank. Just be gentle when resealing to avoid rips.

Top Pick #4: YAMISOR Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

For storing really large, puffy items like comforters and pillows, we love YAMISOR Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags.

These oversized bags are tailored for big bulky items other vacuum bags struggle to contain. The durable construction prevents ruptures.

Thick Polyethylene and Aluminum Film

This specially woven polyethylene material reinforced with an aluminum shield layer makes these bags ultra-durable.

Turbo Air Valve

A one-way turbo valve sucks air out quickly using your home vacuum or the included hand pump.

Triple Seal Protection

Each bag seals via the zipper, an inner adhesive strip, and an outer Velcro adhesive strip for an airtight vacuum seal.

Huge Capacity

These are some of the largest vacuum bags on the market, able to compress even king size comforters into a fraction of the space.

Convenient Storage

The firm, upright shape makes sliding these jumbo bags neatly into closets or under beds easier.

Perfect for Bulky Items

Use YAMISOR Jumbo Bags to shrink bulky comforters, pillows, thick coats, and large cushions into compact storage.

For oversized and puffy items, YAMISOR Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags are a blessing. Just take it slow and steady when resealing to avoid rips.

Key Factors for Choosing Vacuum Storage Bags

To select the right vacuum storage bags for your needs, keep these important criteria in mind:

Types of Items to Store

Consider whether you’ll use bags for clothing, bedding, or a mix. Some brands sell bags tailored for specific item types.

Amount of Storage Space Needed

Estimate the number and sizes of bags needed to organize your items. Measure closet or storage area dimensions to pick properly sized bags.

Bag Capacity

Look for large jumbo bags rated to hold thick comforters and similar voluminous items other bags can’t contain.

Bag Construction Durability

Multiple layers of materials like nylon and polyethylene make bags puncture-resistant. Thicker plastics are ideal for durability.

Vacuum Suction Method

Some bags have built-in valves, others require an external vacuum hose. Attach hoses carefully to avoid tears.


Quality bags can be successfully reused 5-10+ times if carefully handled and resealed. Check zippers function smoothly.

Zipper Type

Dual zippers provide an extra sealing barrier while making reopening easier. Look for durably stitched zippers.


Bags that stand upright are easier to neatly stack and organize than flat bags.

Odor Protection

Advanced inner linings prevent musty smells from developing over time.

Usage Difficulty

Choose bags with smooth, easy-to-seal zippers that won’t stick. They should fully compress with minimal effort.

Storage Location

Consider factors like temperature, humidity, potential pests, and contamination risks based on where bags will be stored.


Slim travel bags easily fit in luggage to compress clothes and save suitcase space.


Balance cost, capacity, durability, and key features. You get what you pay for in quality.

Brand Reputation

Stick to established vacuum bag brands with a track record of good performance.

Consumer Reviews

Watch for complaints about bags tearing, failing to fully seal, or not evacuating air sufficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuum Storage Bags

Some common FAQs about getting the most out of vacuum bag storage:

How do vacuum storage bags work?

You place items inside, zip seal the bag, then use a vacuum hose on the valve to suck out the air. This compresses contents to save space.

What types of items can you store with vacuum bags?

Most soft, pliable items like clothing, bedding, towels, stuffed animals, throw pillows, etc. Avoid rigid items that may puncture.

Are clothes damaged in vacuum storage bags?

No, as long as there are no sharp corners or edges to poke through the bag material. Store clothes loosely packed.

How long can items safely be stored in vacuum bags?

Most manufacturers recommend up to 2 years in vacuum bag storage if kept in cool, dry conditions.

Where should you store vacuum bagged items?

Stash them in dry closets, under beds, in basements – anywhere pest and moisture-free. Avoid attics with temperature extremes.

Can vacuum storage bags develop mold or mildew?

If stored in excessively humid conditions, mold growth is possible. Use moisture absorber packs and ensure contents are fully dry beforehand.

Do vacuum bags protect against bugs and insects?

Yes! The impenetrable vacuum seal keeps any insects from getting inside the bags.

Do you need a special vacuum for vacuum storage bags?

Most standard household vacuums have enough suction power. Just take care when attaching the hose to bags to avoid rips.

How many times can vacuum storage bags be reused?

Higher quality bags can be successfully resealed 10+ times if carefully handled. Avoid overstuffing on reuse.

What’s the best way to get maximum air out of bags?

Seal zipper completely, then gently press bag flat to shift contents and evacuate remaining air before storage.

How do you properly seal and reopen vacuum bags?

Zip seal completely, then unzip just 1-2 inches to allow air inside and break the full vacuum before fully reopening.

Why won’t my vacuum bag fully deflate?

Check for obstructions in the valve, incomplete closure of the zipper, or tiny holes needing patched. Gently knead bag when resealing.

What if I puncture or tear a vacuum bag?

Discard bags with large rips, leaks, or other major damage. You can patch tiny holes using tape if contents are clean and dry.

Can you vacuum seal liquid?

Never attempt to vacuum seal liquids, which can damage pumps and appliances. Always fully dry damp items first.

How do vacuum bags save space versus boxes?

Removing the air compresses contents slimmer than any folding or rolling method when using boxes or bags without vacuum capabilities.

Get Organized with Vacuum Storage Bags

We hope these vacuum storage bag recommendations and tips help you reclaim closet space, basement room, and RV storage capacity.

With the right bags, you can organize off-season clothing, compress bulky bedding, and stop living in clutter. Contact us if you have any other vacuum storage questions!



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