Unlock Smarter Security: A Guide to Choosing the Best eufy Smart Lock

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Home security is an understandable concern for many homeowners. But traditional locks and keys can be problematic to manage, especially if you need to distribute copies to family members or guests. This is where smart locks deliver game-changing convenience – granting keyed access with no physical key required!

eufy is one of the most popular smart lock brands for their focus on affordable security. Ranging from $150-$250, eufy locks offer robust features without the towering price tag. With built-in fingerprint scanners, touchscreens, Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with home automation platforms, eufy is making next-gen security accessible.

But with 4 main smart lock models to choose from, how do you pick the right one? This guide will compare the top eufy locks available today. We’ll overview their specs, features, pros and cons, ideal use cases, and key differences to fit your needs. Let’s unlock smarter access!

Overview of eufy’s Smart Lock Lineup

Before diving into specs, here is a broad look at the 4 main smart locks eufy currently offers:

  • eufy Security Smart Lock Touch– The flagship touchscreen deadbolt with WiFi, fingerprint unlock, auto-lock, and comprehensive access options.
  • eufy Security Smart Lock with Fingerprint Scanner– A more affordable Bluetooth fingerprint lock. Use with the eufy HomeBase for remote access.
  • eufy Security Smart Lock SL– An ultra-slim smart lock with keypad rather than fingerprint unlock. Requires a WiFi bridge add-on for connectivity.
  • eufy Security Retrofit Smart Lock– A retrofit solution for adding smarts to existing deadbolts. Also needs a WiFi bridge.

Now let’s explore what makes each lock unique.

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch

The eufy Security Smart Lock Touch is the top-tier smart lock in eufy’s lineup. As a comprehensive smart deadbolt replacement, highlights include:

  • Touchscreenfor pin code access
  • “One Touch” fingerprint unlockwith anti-spoofing
  • WiFi connectivityenables remote access and automation
  • Auto-lockwhen you leave and unlock as you arrive home
  • 30+ configurable access codesfor family and guests
  • iOS & Android appcontrol and status notifications
  • Voice assistantcompatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Weatherproofdesign for outdoor installation

This full-featured smart lock combines robust physical security from the deadbolt mechanism with the convenience of touch or fingerprint unlocking. WiFi eliminates the need for a bridge while allowing remote operation.

For powerful smart home integration in a sleek yet robust design, the eufy Smart Lock Touch is hard to beat. The main downside is the relatively steep $249 price tag. But enhanced security, flexibility, and convenience don’t come cheap.

eufy Security Smart Lock with Fingerprint Scanner

Those wanting eufy’s biometric unlocking on a budget should consider the eufy Security Smart Lock with Fingerprint Scanner. At an affordable $159 retail price, you still get robust features:

  • Fingerprint unlockcapable of storing 25 prints
  • Bluetooth connectivityto the eufy HomeBase
  • Backup keypadwith touch buttons
  • Auto-lock and unlockbased on location
  • 30 access codesto distribute
  • Tamper detectionalerts you of attempted lock picking
  • 12-month battery lifeper set of 4 AA batteries

You give up WiFi connectivity requiring the eufy HomeBase system for remote access. But for $90 less than the Smart Lock Touch, fingerprint unlocking through the eufy app is compelling. This is one of the most affordably priced smart locks with biometric access.

If you already own eufy security cameras or video doorbells, pairing this fingerprint lock with HomeBase expands capabilities at a reasonable cost.

eufy Security Smart Lock SL

For those who prefer a keypad over fingerprint scanning, the eufy Security Smart Lock SL provides an ultra-slim smart lock design starting at just $149. Features include:

  • Slimmer than most smart locks for a subtle design
  • Backlit keypadfor pin code access
  • 30 settable codesto distribute
  • Auto-lock and unlockbased on proximity
  • Tamper detectionfor security alerts
  • 12+ month battery lifefrom AA batteries
  • Use with WiFi bridge(sold separately) for remote access

While you lose the high-tech fingerprint unlock, the slim and sleek Smart Lock SL fits seamlessly onto doors for smart access at 150 bucks. Use eufy’s WiFi Bridge to connect via the eufy Security app for all the benefits of a smart lock.

Overall, this is the most affordable eufy keypad-only smart lock choice if you don’t need biometric unlock.

eufy Security Retrofit Smart Lock

For adding smarts to an existing deadbolt, the eufy Security Retrofit Smart Lock is a compelling choice. It installs in minutes with adhesive without replacing your deadbolt. Highlights:

  • Retrofit designinstalls in minutes on your current deadbolt
  • Keypad with backlightfor pin code access
  • 30 configurable pin codesfor family and guests
  • Auto-lock/unlockbased on proximity
  • Use with eufy’s WiFi bridgefor remote access
  • Adhesive installationwithout removing your deadbolt
  • 12-month battery lifefrom 4 AAs

At $169, you get the frictionless install of a retrofit smart lock plus keypad access. While not as full-featured as a complete smart lock replacement, the retrofit approach has its perks if you want to smartify your current deadbolt.

Pair with eufy’s WiFi bridge for all the mobile access and automation benefits.

Key Factors in Choosing an eufy Smart Lock

Now that you’re familiar with the eufy smart lock lineup, here are the key factors to weigh when picking the right model:

Compatibility with Your Existing Door Setup

  • eufy smart locks are designed to fit standard single-cylinder deadbolts. Measure yours first.
  • The retrofit lockadheres onto your existing deadbolt so no compatibility concerns.
  • For new installs, confirm bore size and that the door prep allows the full smart lock mechanism.

Locking Mechanism Types

  • Touchscreenfor pin codes on some models
  • Fingerprint scanningfor biometric unlock on select eufy locks
  • Keypadsfor pin code entry on the Smart Lock SL and retrofit locks
  • Most also allow unlocking via the eufy appand physical key as backup

Smart Home Connectivity

  • WiFi modelsconnect directly to your home network and eufy app for control anywhere
  • Bluetooth modelsrequire the eufy HomeBase hub for remote access
  • Some eufy locks use a WiFi bridgeadd-on for app connectivity

Permanent Install vs Retrofitting

  • Full smart locks like the Smart Lock Touch replaceyour deadbolt for complete smarts
  • The retrofit model overlays on your existing deadboltto add smart features

Power and Battery Life

  • eufy locks use 4 AA batterieslasting 12+ months in most cases
  • New batteries are quick and easy to insert
  • Low battery alerts ensure you’re never locked out

Appearance and Finish

  • Available in blackand white finishes to match your door aesthetics
  • Sleek, minimalist designs blend in nicely
  • Retrofit model is especially low profile


  • Prices range from $149 to $249across eufy’s lock lineup
  • Consider connectivity needed (WiFi vs Bluetooth/bridge) and locking mechanism types to fit budget

With the factors above in mind, you can zero in on the right eufy smart lock for your needs and home.

Answers to Common eufy Smart Lock Questions

Here we’ll tackle some frequently asked questions about eufy smart locks:

How do I know if an eufy lock will be compatible with my door?

Carefully measure your existing deadbolt dimensions including bore size to match a compatible eufy lock. Also ensure your door prep allows installing the full smart lock chassis for permanent installs. The retrofit model is universally compatible by adhering onto your current deadbolt.

Can eufy locks be controlled without power/WiFi?

Yes, eufy locks have a fail-secure design allowing you to use the keypad or fingerprint scanner for access even if the batteries die. You only lose remote app control and some automation.

What happens if my phone dies?

The built-in keypads or biometric scanners will continue working to unlock the door, providing reliable access even if your phone is dead.

How secure are eufy locks?

eufy locks offer robust encryption, tamper detection, brute force protection, and data authentication to prevent hacking. Fingerprint data is also securely stored only on the lock itself.

What permissions are required to install an eufy lock?

If you rent, check with your landlord before installing an eufy lock permanently. Some retrofit options can avoid any drilling. For homeowners, only your own permission is required.

Do I need an ongoing subscription?

Nope! eufy locks work without any subscription required. You just buy the hardware outright with no monthly fees.

How long do the batteries last?

Most eufy locks get 12+ months of battery life per set of 4 AA batteries. Usage and settings impact this, but yearly battery swaps are typical.

How many codes or fingerprints can be stored?

eufy locks store anywhere from 25-100 fingerprints depending on the model. Pin codes range from 30 to unlimited storage across models.

What smart home platforms are eufy locks compatible with?

Most eufy locks work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control. Some models also integrate with Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, and IFTTT.

How easy are they to install?

Full replace locks use a standard deadbolt install process but require precise measurements. Retrofit locks literally just adhere onto your existing deadbolt for painless installs.

Our Top eufy Smart Lock Pick

If you’re sold on enhanced security and access flexibility, we recommend the eufy Security Smart Lock Touch as the best overall eufy smart lock.

The Smart Lock Touch stands out for:

  • WiFi connectivityfor comprehensive control
  • Fingerprint unlockingwith anti-spoof technology
  • 30+ configurable access codes
  • Auto-lock/unlockgeofencing capabilities
  • Wide smart home compatibility
  • A sturdy, kick-proof all metal body

With best-in-class wireless connectivity, biometric unlock, and robust construction, the eufy Security Smart Lock Touch is ready to become the new nerve center of your home access.

Key Takeaways on eufy Smart Locks

Hopefully this guide provides a helpful overview of eufy’s top smart locks and makes choosing the right model for your home straightforward.

Key takeaways:

  • eufy smart locks bring next-gen conveniences like fingerprint unlocking and auto-locking/unlocking based on location to home security
  • Multiple locking mechanisms, connectivity options, and prices exist across eufy’s lineup – evaluate your needs
  • Measure door compatibility before installing a full smart lock replacement
  • Retrofit options install in minutes to smartify your existing deadbolt
  • Battery life up to 1 year means minimal maintenance

With smarter access and security just a touch or scan away, your keys can stay in your pocket. eufy’s affordable smart locks put innovative convenience within reach.


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